We focus on the intersection of 3D graphics and the web. Designing and developing systems to host rich, interactive 3D content in the cloud and display this content through platform agnostic web interfaces.

Long term

Striving for a future were, instead of projecting real-world objects in 3D, we project 3D objects in the real world.


We focus on the following fields


Asset curation

The creation and management of optimized 3D assets (models, materials, textures, effects) in modern, open, highly compressed format. Streamlined for fluent interaction on the web.


Geometric programming

Manipulating 3D data through programming. Specifically for geometry generation, modification and optimization. Setting up methods to automate these processes and integrate them into the cloud.


3D graphics

Developing shader programs to process models, textures, particles and effects on the GPU and render them to the screen. Raytraced image rendering on GPU arrays in the cloud.


Animation & Physics

Animations and real-time physics simulations to make 3D content more relatable and interactions more convincing. Pre-generate simulations on compute arrays in the cloud.


Cloud containers

Cloud-native systems for automated deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications and their resources. The applications are bundled in high-performing, lightweight containers for fast iteration and deployment.


Cloud computing

Setting up GPU and CPU arrays that run on virtual machines in the cloud for computations regarding 3D asset and effects generation.


Cloud hosting

Hosting focused on serving 3D content in a fast, secure way. Implementing load balancing for swift global reach. Self-managed databases with GDPR compliant policy.


Web development

Accessible client-side web environments that work cross-device, cross-OS and cross-browser. With the necessary fallbacks for the more outdated systems.



AR, VR, XR, spiced with gesture controls to greatly empower and increase memorability of user-experiences. Researching how to make the immersion as harmonious as possible and also the added opportunities they bring in communicating with users.



Intuitive controls and interfaces to provide a natural and easy way for users to navigate the vast digital layers we are creating. As unobtrusive as possible not taking any focus away from the relevant content.